OCD: How islam Dominates Societies

Another big misconception about islam to the west, is the space a religion is thought to typically occupy in someone’s mind. This is typically done subconsciously, without the person being aware.

For most average rational people, religion is thought to exist in the margin of life. Indeed, for most that do practice it, it typically occupies a parallel corridor in everyday life, with the bulk of life contained in the rational, empirical realm.

Islam is indeed different in that regard. The best way to summarize it, is to say it is a form of OCD for the masses.

You can say this comes from first person observation, however, it’s a distinction that is worth discussion, needs more awareness, and can indeed explain much of the radicalization that spurs out of this belief system.

Islam in muslim societies is all consuming, its tentacles, penetrate all aspects of life so deeply, that, people are not even consciously aware of its presence anymore. It’s just there, in a way.

If you think about it, islam was designed to implicitly exploit that Obsessive Compulsive aspect of humans. Its founder was very clever, and knew exactly which buttons to press, to subdue his followers, completely prevent them from thinking, and spread the religion.

The most glaring example is the requirement to pray 5 times daily, this is never questioned. However, if you divide the 16 waking hours in a day by 5, it comes out to almost every 3 hours.

This was clearly designed to be an all present aspect in someone’s life. It was not designed as an aid to help people go through tough times, it was designed to take over people’s lives. And the overarching goal of this, is to further prevent rational thought. As will be explained later, islam was very aware that rationality is its greatest enemy and has gone to great lengths in order to prolong its propagation, against reason.

The deeper one thinks about this, the more and more is revealed behind all the tactics. It must be said that mohammed was clever; it was probably a combination of cleverness, and a form of psychosis, as does happen sometimes in the human mind.

He knew how to suppress reason, and he intuitively knew that by appealing to the Obsessive Compulsive trait of human psychology, it would divert the mind further and further from thinking objectively or rationally.

Clearly, he didn’t have an objective understanding of the mechanisms that these principles operated on, however, he had an intuitive understanding of how to manipulate people, and that the easiest way to control them is by preventing them from thinking. Which in essence is a running scheme in the doctrine.

Reason Clouding is covered next.