The Ahmaud Arbery Case and The Second Amendment

I, like many others, have had a journey from liberal to more conservative. One of the issues where there was change in my thinking, is the issue of guns. I remember vehemently disagreeing with some coworkers about an AR-15 discussion, only to be on their side now.

That change, however, comes about through mental effort, reasoning and rationalizing. I, for one, never discount the effects of an armed society vs an unarmed one, like many European countries. Simply from a statistical perspective. I don’t think guns are benign objects. I think they’re designed with the sole purpose of ending a life. And I think they are to be revered and respected, and used as an absolute last resort. Sadly, this is often not the case.

The Ahmaud Arbery case, unfortunately, highlights many of these problems. There are now lawyers on Twitter, giving what seems like a sound case for the hurdle the prosecution will have to overcome to get a murder conviction.

And while that may be true, I think it misses the larger point. Laws are, by definition, overly generalized. Clearly, we can’t draft a unique law for each situation that may arise.

Sadly, in this case, it seems some circumstances combined with Georgia’s laws on citizen’s arrest and self defense, may indeed result in someone losing their life, with the killers walking free.

What is missed here, and what is worth talking about, is if this is the society you want to live in? Was this a net positive for the community? Was anything gained by the McMichaels actions? Is this an event you’d want to see replicated over and over? After all, if you think this is legally sound, certainly you should be ok with its repetition.

Lastly, invoking the notion of self defense in this case, simply subverts the meaning of the word. Self defense is if you’re sitting at home, someone breaks in, and you’re forced to defend yourself. Not chasing after someone in 2 pickup trucks, while armed, set up a road block, then fire the weapon when the person understandably panics and grabs your gun in self defense.