How islam is different

In this post I will highlight a few different ways in which islam is different from all the other main religions.

This seems to be a point largely known by others, yet few are willing to crystallize those differences for fear of being branded bigoted and all the rest of it; there is is however no ‘bigotry’ involved, these are simply actual differences that need to be outlined:

1. islam is overly terrestrial:

Part of the appeal of islam is its simplicity and absolutism. Unlike the other main religions, where spirituality takes precedent, islam is overly occupied with the overtly terrestrial.

While the the details of this terrestialism can be readily found elsewhere, the overall premise is fairly well known.

islam seems to be largely a very direct recipe for how to live everyday life. It was a recipe developed in a different era; with an intense focus on how to navigate sexuality in an Arab context; among other things.

2. The second way how islam is different is the way muhamad is regarded. The notion of muhamad being the ‘perfect man’ that is be mimicked by muslims; as well as well how he is regarded and revered can arguably account for ~60% of problems emanating from islam.

Such behavior as entire countries erupting into violent protests over cartoons, must be unequivocally condemned as irrational. To do otherwise is an exercise in the soft bigotry of low expectations.