On Evolution and Transgenderism

Before I attempt to correlate evolution with transgenderism, it’s probably useful to briefly describe dynamic evolutionary logic, as I understand it.

Evolutionary logic, is simply an explanation for physiological, biological drives and features, in relation to how said feature or drive, helps propagate genes or a species.

For example, a grilled fresh steak, will smell much better than rotting meat for a reason. That very basic notion of smell involves the inhalation of specific molecules, the molecules then bonding with receptors, and the receptors sending corresponding signals to the brain. The brain then interprets those signals as ‘good’ or ‘bad.’ The point here being, there is no magic involved in any of these sensations. The brain is a highly complex biological computer. The question then left is ‘why’ a given smell comes off as food or bad:

I think there are only 2 ways to think about this, the first, is that the brain simply came prepackaged with a software package, that assigns these smell molecules a given value, the second, is that all these associations are evolved over time.

It’s much easier for me to accept the latter.

Obviously, the most prominent example in evolutionary logic, is that of sex itself. The reason why it feels incredibly pleasant and powerful, because it is the mechanism that’s propagated you and me up until this point.

I was inspired to write this entire article while scrolling through twitter, and coming across a picture of Blair’s White.

I don’t follow Blair, however I’m familiar with her, and that she tends to be the reasonable voice on the transgender issue.

That’s not the issue I wanted to talk about, however. What inspired me to write this, is simply the picture.

How well the breast implant plastic surgery is. And closely she resembles a real woman.

Of course this leads to exactly what’s at the bottom of someone transitioning their gender.

It’s a trick. An illusion. The better the illusion, the more successful the endeavor is deemed to be.

This isn’t meant as insult, there is nothing to be gained from that. This is simply a description.

What struck me the most, is how anti evolutionary logic the whole thing is. The only reason ‘breast’ appear sexually appealing to a man, is that they signal a healthy female capable of nurturing offspring (increasing chances of passing on genes, etc etc.)

Having breasts on a body that contains no uterus, simply makes no sense. It’s an accessory. It’s futile, purposeless. Perhaps pure vanity.

My goal here isn’t to criticize anyone, I’m a believer in personal freedom. People can do as they wish.

My aim is simply to point out an almost completely ignored absence of evolutionary logic as it pertains to this movement. Evolutionary logic being one of the few governing dynamics used to navigate human and mammalian history.